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November 29th, 2006 at 08:22 am

Woke up this morning to 12 degrees, geez, It is almost to cold to go outside to get wood to build a fire. Another Wednesday... I am going to stop by the neighbors house and see if they need anything for the grocery store, they are in there eighties and need every bit of help during this cold snap, and going to the store would be the least I could do.
Yesterday the family mutt was spayed... 230.00 later, I did not charge the cost! I had worked a little over last pay check, and was able to transfer from my EF to cover the rest, even though my frist instinct was to charge it. This was my first empowering moment. With the extra thought that we will not be having any mutt puppies.
My D2D said yesterday we needed to go get a Christmas tree, because without a Tree, we can't have Christmas spirit. goodness, she is 4. So this Friday night we'll have to go in search of our tree. We used to cut one in the forest several years ago, although finding the perfect tree became a bit harder every year, then we went to a Christmas tree farm , which was at least a 2 hr. drive. Last year was the frist time we bought a tree at the local supermarket... pick up milk, eggs and the Christmas tree all at the same time. somehow I don't get the same warm fuzzy feelings when I recall that memory as I do the drives into the mountains.
As far as spending today, I am going to pick up a couple items at the grocey, I have 30 left on my grocery card for the month, ( DH gives me a gift card every month with the alloted grocery $ on it) it works for me. Gymnastics payment due 44. which I have put away. and send off Medical Bill 65.oo. Payment expected from Dr. Dentist on Friday, should be around 95.oo which I can use for my CC1 bill.
Off to build a fire.