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Dave Ramsey

January 2nd, 2007 at 04:17 pm

I have been reading Dave Ramseyís The total money makeover, just finished the chapter on budgeting and baby steps. Goal for the next couple of days is to make a budget and start my emergency fund. Got paid today from the Dentist office 77.70 & will 50.00 will go into the EF, itís a start! 25.00 For DD1 dental bill and 2.70 into the vacation jar. DD2 birthday is in a couple weeks; she will be 5 and wants a party. Havenít ever had one for her before, except family. With Christmas being last week and all, I think her gift will be her party, she will not know the difference and I can get away with it now, while she is young.

Thanksgiving Dreams

November 21st, 2006 at 08:09 am

It is several days before Thanksgiving, and I find myself, dreaming of being at home, cooking and preparing a feast for my family... maybe next year& without a boatload of debt. With my extra job and my new commitment to debt control, I think this is a doable goal, at least to reduce my hours to parttime when the little one is in school.

Gift cards

November 16th, 2006 at 10:32 am

My oldest daughter spent the night last night and took her little sister to daycare this morning, since she has today off. She will come and bring lunch with me today and bring my paycheck from Dr. Dentist office. Bills: I need to send out today are Medical payment 50.00 balance should be around 55.00. My oldest son just emailed me and said he needs insulin, he has been a diabetic since he was 1year old. He is in College now and has taken very good care of his health, I am very proud of him. His insurance copay is 25.00 for each vial and he needs two, since I work at a hospital I can purchase his insulin at cost +10% ( around 11.00 a vial)Currently, that is my contribution to keeping him healthy. so there is another 22.00. I will payroll deduct this, and try not to miss it to much on the paycheck.

I have been picking up gift cards at various stores each week, for 10.00 each, I figure by Christmas I should have a several hundred dollars for gift giving and purchasing. I started this idea several months ago, I am really excited about this, since I have them purchased in advance and can buy gifts with these without feeling it in my somewhat of a budget. Next year this should even be better if I purchase them throughout the entire year. Yeah!