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Dave Ramsey

January 2nd, 2007 at 04:17 pm

I have been reading Dave Ramseyís The total money makeover, just finished the chapter on budgeting and baby steps. Goal for the next couple of days is to make a budget and start my emergency fund. Got paid today from the Dentist office 77.70 & will 50.00 will go into the EF, itís a start! 25.00 For DD1 dental bill and 2.70 into the vacation jar. DD2 birthday is in a couple weeks; she will be 5 and wants a party. Havenít ever had one for her before, except family. With Christmas being last week and all, I think her gift will be her party, she will not know the difference and I can get away with it now, while she is young.

New Year New habits

January 1st, 2007 at 12:58 pm

As I woke up this morning I wondered how I can succeed at saving and paying off these bills, and have a successful debt free life. I figure this is just like anything else in life, commitment! Now I have never felt successful in anything I have ever done. My story seems to be when the tough times come... I bail. Doing just enough to get by (now this may be too much information). It is easy to say this is in a new year and yadda yadda, am I going to change my old habits and watch my spending and sacrifice for the better of my family But more important I have to feel this in my soul, of course today I do, Determination, please stick around.